Junior August Update

Hi all, there are a few updates for the juniors in the club.

As of this week we will have two new leaders Orla O’Connor and Ruairi Nicholl joining Level 1 coach Conor Reilly for the month of August. 

The schedule for August is packed with something for every age group. Fun and games on Monday and Friday 10:30-12 for ages 5-9, Tuesday and Thursday tournament 10:30-12 for ages 10-14 and Wednesday an all age tournament from 10:30-12. Also afternoon hits remain the same from 2:30-4:30pm, Monday-Thursday and we encourage children to try them out as they end with free ice pops and music. All sessions will be overlooked and include technique, skills and a games based approach. All children will be helped improve their game in tennis.

The junior club championship round robin is up in the club and website. They MUST be played by August 18th.

The junior doubles sign-up sheet is up in the club for all interested, you can sign up in the club or contact Conor Reilly (0867213505) regarding events.