tennis shoes with pimples for playing on grass

Grass Court Tennis Shoes

Grass is the closest thing to a fountain of youth for balls and shoes.

They don’t get to keep their good looks while enjoying longevity, but given a choice between green coloration and being entirely used up, I’d go green every time.

Tennis players like to speak about their racket’s grip, strings, and weight. How it helps their play and how it makes them a better player. They do not speak so much about the rest of their equipment or wear. However, it influences their play in a big way too. You should not underestimate the impact of tennis shoes in overall performance on a court.

Recreational players should have at least one pair for every surface they play on. It will prolong the life of your shoes and gives you more comfort in playing.

On grass players need to move fast to the net and shoes have to be able to provide comfort in such moves. 

The grip of shoes has to be good because grass can be slippery. Outsole has to be flatter, as grass courts can be easily damaged. Upper of the shoe has to be flexible to not obstruct your run forward to the net and the ball.

Tennis shoes for grass do not need to have heavy and durable outsoles. The grass is softer and does not wear the outsoles so much.

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